Repairing Nylon Straps

Posted by Jim Witt

Nylon webbing straps are available in many different types of items. Some of these items include camping and outdoor equipment, tote or backpacks, kayaks, purse straps, wrist watches and many more.

While nylon webbing is a very strong and long lasting material, it can become worn or damaged with regular use or misuse. Instead of replacing a whole item, the straps can be easily repaired and replaced with the right type of tools at home.

Based on the type of item that needs the strap repaired, you will need a specific type of nylon material. Different types come in various thickness and sizes that are made to hold different amounts of weight.

Some items, such as dog collars or leashes can even be improved when repaired. Designer dog breed ribbon can be purchased through online distributors for a fun and unique fashion friendly look. These straps even look good on dog treat bags or day bags for a picnic. Many people will comment on the creativity of the straps.

The tools you will need to repair an item will vary due to the type of repairs you are making. If you are making holes in a strap, you will need a sharp needle puncture tool, pliers and lighter. Butane lighters are preferred because they get hot quickly.

Other tools that will be needed, especially for cutting a piece of nylon webbing, include metal sheers, heat resistant gloves and a marking pencil to mark the area where a cut will need to be made. A measuring tape is also suggested for many repairs.

Many online tutorials have been created based on different repair types. You can find online tutorials to learn how to repair a kayak strap, adjust a wristwatch or replace the webbing in the seat of an outdoor lawn chair. There are so many possibilities as so many items at home and used for sports contain this material.

New hardware can often be purchased at online stores where the nylon webbing is sold. If you are unsure about the type of hardware needed, many experts at an online store will be able to answer your questions for you by email or telephone.

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